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Jon Stewart&rsquos Humiliation of Tucker Carlson the Most Popular Weblog Story of 2004

According to Intelliseek&rsquos BlogPulse, the transcript of comedian Jon Stewart&rsquos October debate with CNN &ldquoCrossfire&rdquo hosts Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala was the No. 1 &ldquoblogged&rdquo news item of 2004. Bloggers linked to the &ldquoCrossfire&rdquo transcript in their on the internet commentaries 1,880 instances in 2004, followed by 1,415 references to &ldquoUnfairenheit 9/11: The Lies of Michael Moore&rdquo and 1,174 citations for the BBC&rsquos obituary of radio DJ John Peel.

The data was compiled by Intelliseek&rsquos BlogPulse, an automated blog portal that tracks and analyzes Everly Quinn additional than two million blogs daily. Blogs, brief for weblogs, are conveniently published net sites that serve as on the internet diaries, journals, newsletters or sources of opinion, information and facts and knowledge. By some estimates, the Web now hosts five-eight million blogs.

&ldquoBlogs are proving to be powerful resources for sharing agathe velvet chesterfield news and keeping issues Everly Quinn alive in the public&rsquos mind,&rdquo says Pete Blackshaw, Intelliseek&rsquos chief promoting officer. &ldquoCNN reaped a tremendous amount of Everly Quinn awareness by creating the Stewart transcript obtainable on its internet web page.&rdquo Comedian Stewart hosts Comedy Central&rsquos &ldquoThe Each day Show.&rdquo Through his Crossfire appearance, Stewart lambasted Everly Quinn his hosts for lowering the level of arms sofa public discourse on critical political issues to shouting matches and sound bites.

Bloggers regularly post hyperlinks to other news stories, blogs or web web pages in their normal postings, and tallies of those links determined the year-end findings. Other best news stories, in order, have Everly Quinn been Prevalent Dreams&rsquo &ldquoEvidence Mounts That Vote May well Have Been Hacked&rdquo (Nov. six 966 citations), CBS News&rsquo &ldquoCBS Names Probe Panel&rdquo (Sept. 22 953) and The Nation&rsquos &ldquo100 Facts and 1 Opinion: The Non-Arguable Case Against arms sofa the Bush Administration&rdquo (Oct. 30 783).

Other crucial findings from the 2004 review of the blogosphere:

Top rated individuals/personalities (3.9 million among best 100): President Everly Quinn George Bush (637,646 citations) Sen. John agathe velvet chesterfield Kerry (411,977) film character Harry Potter (333,418) singer Britney Spears (119,661) and film maker Michael Moore (111,876). Others of note: No. 6 Saddam Hussein (85,311) No. 12 Osama Bin Laden (63,003), No. 39 former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean (23,649 hits) and radio No. 91 DJ Howard Stern (13, 236 hits).

Top rated News Sources (2.2 million total among prime one hundred): Yahoo! News (205,093 citations) The New York Times agathe velvet chesterfield (188,596) BBC (161,805), CNN (144,560) and The Washington Post (113,417). Others of note: No. 14 Fox News (34,915), No. 24 CBS News (19,865), and at No. 85, the English-version net web page of (six,834).

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Leading Blogs (527,881 amongst prime one hundred): BoingBoing: A Directory of Fantastic Things (23,836 citations) DailyKos political blog (21,530) Instapundit political blog (21,391), The Drudge Report news/political blog (19,220) and Slashdot: News for Nerds, Stuff That Matters agathe velvet chesterfield (18,901).

Top Web Web-sites (three.9 million amongst prime one arms sofa hundred): (571,569 citations), (440,364), (286,362), (255,152) and (217,443). (Several of the major web web sites are made use of by bloggers as sources for quizzes, icons or interactive characteristics they post on their blogs).

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