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Search Engine for upholstered standard bed Programming Code

An write-up at Newsforge pointed me to Koders ( http://www.koders.com ) a search engine for getting programming code. Nifty.

The front page enables you to specify search phrases, sixteen languages (from ASP to VB.NET) and jackeline upholstered standard sixteen licenses (from AFL to ZPL — thankfully there’s an details page to clarify all those abbreviations.)

I searched Perl, all licenses, for “random number” and got 12 outcomes. Benefits Rosdorf Park consist of the name of the plan (normally not valuable) a snippet, the language, the LOCs (I think this is “Lines of Code”, as opposed to “Library of Congress”) and pointers to sources.

Click on the name of the plan and you’ll get data on the project and copyright information and facts, and all the code at koders.com. External links point to the home of the project/code.

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