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Yahoo Releases New Toolbar for Firefox

Yahoo has released their initial Yahoo Toolbar calderon coffee table for Firefox calderon coffee table which is at the moment a Beta version. Firefox has reached over 25 million downloads worldwide and its about time Yahoo acknowledge Longshore Tides the browser which is a direct competitor of Microsoft (who just place out the new MSN Search). Why must Yahoo start off dipping into the Firefox arena, specially after Google and Firefox have grown so close over the past months.?

Well, as the saying goes &ldquothe enemy of my enemy is my friend.&rdquo Additionally, as FireFox grows to a bigger browser marketshare, Yahoo would have been generating a big error not to build their toolbar for the FireFox browser.

Yahoo&rsquos Duke Fan, their Toolbar Item Manager chimed in on the YSearchBlog : &ldquoA lot of us also rely on the comfort of Yahoo! Toolbar, and now we can make the switch to Firefox as well. For the last month, we&rsquove been working with a team of Yahoos from around the business who have provided some Mozilla experience to create the beta version of the Yahoo! Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox.&rdquo

Fan added &ldquoThere are nonetheless some rough edges in this beta. Like any Firefox extension, it may possibly result calderon coffee table in your browser to misbehave in unexpected techniques. It&rsquos tray top been working properly for us on Windows, and we&rsquore testing on Mac, Linux, and FreeBSD as effectively. See the release notes for a lot more information.&rdquo

The Yahoo Toolbar for FireFox contains these attributes:
* Quick access to Yahoo! Search
* Bookmarks and custom buttons that follow you anyplace
* Search This Web-site to locate benefits just for the current web web page
calderon coffee table * Search History to bear in mind your earlier searches
* Translate This Page based on the common Babelfish tools
* Mail notification when new Yahoo! Mail arrives
* tray top A single click access to Yahoo! Games, Finance, News, Sports and any web web-site you decide on
* New Feature: 1 click &ldquoAdd to My Yahoo&rdquo on websites that deliver RSS/Atom feeds

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