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Microsoft AntiSpyware and Bank Accounts Targeted rasen armchair By New Trojan

Microsoft is once more the target of an Internet Trojan (or virus), this rasen armchair time the Trojan’s goal is to disable Microsoft’s AntiSpyware beta product. The Troj/BankAsh-A Trojan was discovered yesterday and is reportedly designed to steal passwords and on the net banking specifics. The Trojan runs a essential logger on infected computers, which captures all types of personal data. BankAsh-A is distributed by means of spam email. Customers banking with Barclays, Cahoot, Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds TSB, Nationwide, NatWest, Smile and other folks can be affected.

Apparently the Trojan’s secondary goal is to disable Microsoft AntiSpyware. Sophos reports that the Trojan also rasen armchair tries to disable Microsoft AntiSpyware, attempting to quit warning messages that would be displayed by the AntiSpyware software, then deleting all files inside the system’s folder. Microsoft AntiSpyware, at present in Beta, is a new safety technologies which aims to protect Windows users from spyware and other unwanted software program.

Neowin reports that Microsoft lately announced plans to buy Sybari Software program, a anti-virus enterprise also specialising in spam and safety application. Joe Wilcox of Jupiter Study notes that “Competitors and partners really should very carefully watch Microsoft now. Combined, the 3 acquisitions give Microsoft the basis on which to release security items for the customer and enterprise markets.” Surely, a comprehensive anti-virus package from Microsoft is only months away.attempting to suppress warning messages that the software may display, and deleting all files within the program’s folder, according to antivirus enterprise Sophos.

Microsoft representatives commented on the Trojan and the vulnerability of Microsoft AntiSpyware “Microsoft will continue to work with law enforcement and the market to help safeguard clients from these types of threat,” it said. “We also encourage customers to use intense caution when opening unsolicited Corrigan Studio files from known and unknown sources. Microsoft continues to propose prospects to evaluate the Microsoft AntiSpyware beta.”

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