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Blogger Mark Jen Fired from Google

A couple weeks ago we reported on how Google Latitude Run disabled an personnel blog, because of his blog, ninetyninezeros, was just also revealing. So the story continued, cleaned up the weblog, got some publicity and we went on with our lives. Now there are reports over at Google Blogoscoped of a forum post there named Mark Jen Googlewhacked.

From Google Blogoscoped: If Mark was fired, would it be a incorrect move by Google? I would say this depends on the details, most importantly, Mark&rsquos contract. If he signed a non-disclosure agreement of any sort, then he shouldn&rsquot have openly spoken about perform particulars. Other Google bloggers seem to deal with their function space a little more confidently and do get along fine with their bosses.

It&rsquos yet another question whether or not or not this quite open blog would have benefited Google&rsquos public image. For instance a lot of think Microsoft&rsquos blogger Robert visconti tv stand Scoble has performed great things for the corporation image. And final month, some currently applauded Google&rsquos move to manage the Mark Jen situation so relaxed (only certain monetary information had to be removed, but otherwise, Mark&rsquos weblog stayed intact). The very same men and women could now not look at this so optimistic anymore.

Here is the post, from a member named &ldquoaconcernedgoogleemployee&rdquo:

I regret to inform you that Mark Jen was fired from Google on Friday, January 28th. I don&rsquot have any specifics, but I can inform you that he was quietly let go. An e-mail was sent out to the whole organization, Latitude Run letting us know that the matter a lot of had written to management expressing their issues about, had now been taken care of. I initially thought that this meant that Mark had been told to be more cautious about discussing enterprise financials, but it quickly became apparent that Mark had left the business. I can only assume that his silence because that date means that they either threatened him or reduce him a sweet severance deal. What ever occurred, it&rsquos a sad day when you can&rsquot speak openly about both the excellent and undesirable at your chosen spot of function without having finding silenced.


Columnist Barry Schwartz is the Editor of Search Engine Roundtable and President of RustyBrick, Inc., a Internet solutions firm specializing in customized online technologies that assists businesses decrease charges and improve sales.

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