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RIAA Suing Over 400 17 Stories College Student Internet2 Customers for Piracy

The RIAA and MPAA have new targets in University students employing the bulter frame coffee Internet2 network to download rights protected material such as music and videos. Internet2 is a non-profit group led by over 200 US universities and a number of corporate partners from the networking and technologies enterprise, including AT&ampT, Intel, Sun Microsystems, and Cisco.

With Internet2 1 can download a copy of &ldquoRock n&rsquoRoll Frankenstein&rdquo or &ldquoEmpire Strikes Back&rdquo in about 30 seconds. Attempt to download that very same file with an average dial up service or some broadbands, and you&rsquore looking at 4-six hours of download frame coffee table time.

Perhaps the lethal mix of media hungry college students and super rapidly Internet download speeds was a trainwreck waiting to happen. Regardless, the RIAA and MPAA have to have been drooling at the mouths to see that they can now unleash their legal claws on the hundreds of students that the RIAA and MPAA claim are applying the Internet2 for downloading and sharing unauthorized information &ndash music and motion pictures.

TechWhack reports : The Recording Sector Association of America alone has sued about 405 students for this offence. Motion Image Association of America on the other hand has not released the number from their side. Their claim is that the students have been sharing information worth about 17 Stories 99 terabytes in a single single day, which is superior adequate to retailer adequate number of motion pictures to start out a digital music library.

RIAA president Cary Sherman defends the move &ldquoInternet2 is increasingly becoming the network of choice for students hunting to steal songs and other copyrighted functions on a massive scale.&rdquo

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