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Yahoo! News Beta: Layout &amp Feature Update

Yahoo! has released the URL for the new beta Yahoo! News at A sleeker style and more. More lavalle queen upholstered data by Gary Value at the SEW Weblog:

+ A new layout for Yahoo News home web page. Tabbed links to news category pages (Major Stories, U.S., Enterprise, and so forth.) are now linked tabs at the prime of the web queen upholstered platform page. They employed to be listed in a column on the left internet site of the web page.

+ Boxes containing headlines of best stories in several categories are now upholstered platform bed visible on the dwelling web page. The complete web page can be customized (categories added/removed and reordered). The Major Stories category cannot be removed.

+ It&rsquos now feasible to view headlines upholstered platform bed lavalle queen upholstered from various sources with out getting to click off the residence web page. For instance, clickable tabs permit you to promptly see Top News headlines from AP, Reuters, AFP, and other sources Ivy Bronx that Yahoo has relationships with.

+ A tab labeled &ldquoMy Sources&rdquo makes it possible for you the solution to add RSS feeds from several sources (each mainstream news and blogs) chosen by Yahoo&rsquos queen upholstered platform news Ivy Bronx editors. Fascinating to note that Yahoo doesn&rsquot use the word RSS at all right here.

I showed the beta version to a few SEMs and here are their initial impressions:

&ndash There&rsquos a thing really sissy-seeking about the tabs on that web page.
&ndash Those tabs suck.
&ndash They need to be purple and yellow.
&ndash That&rsquos a Ivy Bronx drastic adjust for yahoo&helliptoo drastic&hellip

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