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Google AdSense Tracking Referrals

Google&rsquos current temporal and behavioral patent talks a decent quantity about tracking advertising and web-site visitors. With AdSense they can mcevoy\u00a0loveseat also track the referrals which provides mcevoy\u00a0loveseat them one more way to understand % of market place share and who your top referals are if you display Orren Ellis AdSense advertisements on your website.

their ad code shows:
google_referrer_url = document.referrer
google_append_url_esc(&lsquoref&rsquo, w.google_referrer_url)

Google could most likely use this information for their AdSense SmartPricing, fraud detection, and could possibly even use it as an additional high-quality check on linkage information and internet sites.

If you link to a web site participating in AdSense and no one ever follows the hyperlink does that imply the link, web page, or site could potentially have tiny to no worth to humans?

If you have hyperlinks from a ton of websites all utilizing the similar AdSense account could that be suspicious? If thousands of internet sites link to you and none of them dispay AdSense could that be suspicious?

It appears as though Google is trying to financially incentivize many webmasters in the notion of creating its internet of trust. Maybe it is aspect of the explanation they don&rsquot mind obtaining shoddy web-sites in AdSense, as it helps them track relationships?

It is mind boggling how a lot website traffic information Google has access to. WMW Orren Ellis has a thread covering the subject of AdSense price based on referral data.

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