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UnderGoos &ndash Google Underwear Parody

Someone over at Search Guild has a lot of spare time on their hands and a questionable sense of humor. Sufficient to construct a web site known as UnderGoos &ndash a Google April Fools parody. Nicely, I covered the Cre8asite Forums Sale, so I may possibly as tiffin square pouf nicely cover this foolery. In addition to providing scenes of UnderGoos for modeling purposes, tiffin square pouf Bungalow Rose they also present a nice little Sergey dress up doll comprehensive with nipple ring. The people today at Booble would be proud.

About UnderGoos : Maximise your comfort and user expertise with UnderGoos. Our staff aren&rsquot shy, even Sergey&rsquos been attempting out each the mens and ladies ranges. Google has spotted a possibility to bring our one of a kind innovation to yet a further underserved market.

Just like our original motto &ldquoJust search&rdquo, everything we do at UnderGoos is &ldquoJust pants&rdquo (yes, we know that&rsquos not strictly accurate but it&rsquos an ethos point). All of our underwear was meticulously selected using PageRank(TM) (a uniquely democratic measure of how desirable Larry finds the model wearing them).

UnderGoos exclusive solutions support to organize the globe&rsquos sock drawers

Ever wondered why you often get an odd sock out of the wash? So have we but have you ever wondered why no one sells odd socks to make up the set? We did. At Bungalow Rose UnderGoos you can obtain our special &ldquoOdd Socks&rdquo (available in packets of two) to resolve issues such as this.

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