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Search Benefits Pages &amp Usability

A new thread at Cre8asite Forums named The Future of Benefits Pages? touches on the subject of regardless of whether or not we will be locked into the current way the search engines show the outcomes on a page. The thread points to a blog entry named Innovations in Search Benefits Pages, where he asked the query &ldquowhat tends to make it the proper interface solve for displaying search benefits&rdquo? He asked this to a nice group of panelist, Peter Norvig, Google Mark Everly Quinn Fletcher, Ask Jeeves Udi Manber, A9 Ken Norton, Yahoo! Jakob Nielsen, NN Group (very interesting study).

Bill adds to the thread with a complete listing of papers and articles about the subject. Stock (Grumpus) also adds his thoughts saying

The notion that the way we read search outcomes might lock us recessed arms loveseat into this way rather than a new way is comprehensive rubbish. Comparing it to a Qwerty/Dvorak or (as the short article did) Imperial/Metric Systems analogy just doesn&rsquot work either.

In essence, the danger we have of having locked into the existing suggests of reading search benefits is akin to the act of telling me that I have but one decision &ndash drive my vehicle all the time, or drive my moped all the time, but I wabasso velvet don&rsquot have the alternative of deciding recessed arms loveseat upon the best (easiest, most efficient, most productive) a single for the unique job I have at hand.

Gem of a thread.


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